Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

SA Heat Exchange also manufactures traditional shell and tube heat exchangers.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
U-shaped tube bundle

Heat or Cool Fluids with the Tried and Tested Shell and Tube

The shell and tube heat exchanger heats or cools a fluid, typically with the use of another fluid, achieving a high heat transfer rate. One fluid runs through the tubes, while the other fluid passes through the shell to transfer heat energy.

A shell and tube heat exchanger consists of bundle of tubes fitted within a cylindrical shell. The tubes may be permanently positioned in the shell (fixed tube sheet) or may be removeable for ease of inspection, cleaning, or replacement (floating / u-tube bundle). SA Heat Exchange has vast experience with both fixed and floating designs and offers an extensive variety of head and shell designs.


- Manufacturing
- Rebuilds
- Re-tube
- Repair / Refurbish
- Cleaning
- Pressure Test / Inspection


Best Suited To Certain Applications

Easy to clean and maintain

Easy inspection and disassembly

Resistant to scale formation

Long life span

Low pressure drop

extreme (high and low) temperatures

high working pressures

Shell & Tube Applications:

- Water coolers / heaters

- Oil coolers / heaters

- Fuel Oil Heaters

- Compressor inter coolers and after coolers

SA Heat Exchange-1

- Steam and process vapor condensers

- Acid and caustic heaters

- Oil coolers / heaters

- Cooling hydraulic and lube oil