Transon Heat Exchangers

The Transon® heat exchanger is of shell and tube configuration, arranged singly or as a multi-module system.

Transon shell and tube heat exchangers Edit
Transon Heat Exchanger

Patented Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Fully owned and manufactured by SA Heat exchange as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) SINCE 2012, the TRANSON® Heat Exchanger is a unique design concept in Shell and Tube Exchangers.  It has been manufactured in South Africa since 1979 under licence from the original Swiss designer.  Covered by international patents, this modular approach to heat transfer technology incorporates features not available in other heat transfer equipment.

A Unique Design Concept in Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

All tubes are straight and are not expanded or welded into the tube sheets but sealed under compression using elastomeric seals allowing the TRANSON® Heat Exchanger to be completely dismantled if required.  The shell side cage design incorporates a baffle arrangement that provides uni-directional flow in the shell thereby eliminating dead spots and flow reversal which also reduces fouling to a much smaller proportion. Separate headers are used for tube pass and shell pass fluids which prevents contamination if a leak were to occur.

Transon Heat Exchanger Diagram2

Simple Maintenance Procedures for Extended lifespan

The unique design of the TRANSON® Heat Exchanger allows complete dismantling without the use of special tools.  Individual tubes can be withdrawn and replaced which greatly eases inspection and cleaning.  Caps are removable for tube cleaning without having to disconnect pipe work.  Component parts are readily available ex-stock to enable repairs to be carried out simply and effectively with a minimum of downtime.

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Transon Heat Exchanger Diagram 3

Customisable, Flexible Design

The shell side cage geometry, being variable, allows the shell side fluid velocity to be accurately determined and selected to affect the maximum heat transfer and at the same time ensuring efficient removal of condensed moisture or steam condensate when this is required.

Being of modular construction the overall size of the heat exchanger can be altered by the addition or reduction of modules thereby matching the size of the exchanger to the required duty. This enables plant expansion to be accommodated without the need of replacing heat transfer equipment.

An outstanding feature of the design is that individual tubes, or the complete tube bundle, can be removed and replaced in-situ without disconnecting related pipework.


What makes our patented product the best

Completely modular

Fully serviceable

Easily replaced seals

Bolted stud assembly eliminates structural welds.

Available in a wide range of steels, alloys, corrosion- and abrasion-resistant materials

No contamination between fluids

Easy tube cleaning in-situ


- Water coolers and heaters

-  Compressor inter coolers and after coolers

- Steam and vapour condensers

- Acid and caustic heaters

- Closed circuit cooling systems

- Fuel gas and air heaters

heatex working

- Oil coolers / heaters

- CIP and CIL Elution heating

- Refrigeration evaporators and condensers

- Economisers and heat recovery units

- Oil coolers

- Engine jacket water coolers

- Charge-air coolers

- Waste heat recovery systems

- Storage and non-storage calorifiers