Blockfin: Air blast Coolers and Heaters

SA Heat Exchange's patented method of fin to tube assembly

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air heater

The most effective & Efficient way to heat or cool air

Air blast heat exchangers are used to heat or cool the air that is blown over the finned area. The fluid running through the tubes is used to either heat or cool the air as required.

certified, heavy duty aluminium finning

SA Heat Exchange uses certified, heavy duty aluminium finning. Resulting in sturdy, durable finned cores that do not bend easily. There is no maximum limit on the finned tube wall thickness. Finned tube materials can be any copper alloys, stainless-steels, or carbon steels.

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Blockfin is the SA Heat Exchange patented method of fin to tube assembly. The bond is mechanical which enables us to use a range of fin and tube material that most other fin tube manufacturers cannot. This type of assembly is much more robust and therefore perfect for industrial applications, especially in African conditions.


What makes our patented product the best

Sturdy & durable finned core

For customers who understand the importance of quality

Improved Heat Transfer

For customers who understand the importance of efficiency

no internal tube distortion

Mechanical fin to tube joint process with no internal compromise

Clogging / Fouling Resistant

Flat hard fins are less likely to give rise to clogging / fouling

Best environmental option

Most environmentally friendly fin-tube assembly on the market

high pressure cleaning Safe

Perfectly viable to high pressure cleaning in situation or off site without damaging the fins

no further bonding required

Tube to fin does NOT require any further bonding like solder to improve the joint bond

made for african conditions

Tried and tested for African conditions

18 Month Warranty

Blockfin comes with an 18-month warranty


-  Steam/air Heaters

- Air Driers

- Compressor Coolers

- Thermal Oil Air Heating

- Gas Air Heating


- Gas Cooling

- Air Cooling

- Water Cooling

- Landfill Gas Cooling

- Oil Cooling