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SA Heat Exchange website _ Shell&Tube Heat Exch

SA Heat Exchange website _ Shell&Tube Heat Exchowned and manufactured by SA Heat exchange as the OEM SINCE 2012

The SA Heat Exchange website _ Shell&Tube Heat Exch Heat Exchanger system introduces new standards of economy in the field of heat transfer and process technology – in design, operating efficiency and versatility of application. Where applicable SA Heat Exchange website _ Shell&Tube Heat ExchHeat Exchangers comply with ASME VII Division.

The modules are manufactured to standard dimensions incorporating a rationalised set of components and straight bore tubing. Arranged as a single module or multi-module units in parallel or series configuration according to capacity and size requirements. The unit consists of one or more shell and tube type standard units or modules.

Unique patented shell pass baffle assembly ensures uni-directional flow at relatively high velocity, eliminating dead spots. Straight tubes ensure unrestricted flow.

Bolted stud assembly eliminates structural welds. Elastomeric mounting enable the tube bundle to ‘float’ within the shell when subjected to fluctuating temperatures – thereby eliminating induced thermal shock loads.

Available in a wide range of steels, alloys, corrosion- and abrasion-resistant materials. No special tools required. Easy tube cleaning in-situ. Easily replaced seals. Access to the seal is gained by simply removing the four external nuts.

An outstanding feature of the design is that individual tubes, or the complete tube bundle, can be removed and replaced in-situ without disconnecting related pipework.

Fluid separation is ensured by individual fluid pass headers in conjunction with internal seals. The bolted assembly provides for a separation ‘gap’ to atmosphere between the headers, ensuring that in the event of seal deterioration, fluid leaks externally to atmosphere instead of internally. This prevents internal mixing or cross-contamination of fluids.

Standards interchangeable components from locally-manufactured stocks enable short lead times and early delivery of units.

Modular design enables installations to be up-rated or extended to provide for increased capacity requirements.

SA Heat Exchange website _ Shell&Tube Heat Exch Heat Exchangers are used in a wide range of industrial applications

  • Water coolers and heaters
  • Compressor inter coolers and after coolers
  • Steam and vapour condensers
  • Acid and caustic heaters
  • Closed circuit cooling systems
  • Fuel gas and air heaters
  • Storage and non-storage calorifiers
  • Economisers and heat recovery units
  • Oil coolers
  • Engine jacket water coolers
  • Charge-air coolers
  • Waste heat recovery systems
  • CIP and CIL Elution heating
  • Refrigeration evaporators and condensers

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Other shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

We also manufacture /rebuild/retube/repair most other shell and tube type heat exchangers


We have in-house quality control and can mnf to SANS 347, ASME codes and PD5500


SA Heat Exchange website _ Shell&Tube Heat Exch U5 SERIES


SA Heat Exchange website _ Shell&Tube Heat ExchMODULAR DESIGN

SA Heat Exchange website _ Shell&Tube Heat Exch SPIRAL BAFFLE