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The purpose of an air blast heater or cooler is to heat or cool the air that is blown over the finned area by increasing or decreasing the air temp as it passes over the finned area – and thereby cooling or heating the fluid in the tubes.

BLOCKFIN is our patented method of fin to tube assembly. The bond is mechanical this allows us to use fin and tube material that most other fin tube manufacturers cannot . We have no maximum limit on tube wall thickness and can use more robust fin material, making our BlOCKFIN assemblies heavy duty built for Africa.Tube materials can be any copper and its alloys , stainless steels and carbon steels. We are not restricted on wall thickness of our tube our minimum on copper tube and stainless steel is 1.2mm and on carbon steels 2.11mm

Typically our coolers and heaters can handle air temperatures up to 200 deg using aluminium finning. Going over 200 deg we use stainless steel finning. We can meet almost any velocities required while maintaining high integral strength.


  • Heavy Duty tube material in almost any alloy.
  • Strong durable fins that don’t just bend.
  • Mechanical fin to tube joint – with no internal tube distortion what so ever.
  • The very nature of our block fin being hard protects the tubes from impact damage.
  • Tube to fin does NOT require any further bonding like solder to improve the joint bond.
  • Most environmentally friendly fin-tube assembly on the market.
  • Can replace virtually any air blast heat exchanger on the market.
  • The flat hard fins are less likely to give rise to clogging.
  • Perfectly viable to high pressure cleaning in situation or off site without  damaging the fins.
  • Tried and tested for African conditions.
  • In-house quality control and design facilities


Many other air heater manufacturers use thin walled copper tube along with thin walled u-bend material assembled with brazing alloys for conveying steam in the tubes of the heat exchanger. We prefer not to use copper tube copper u-bend assemblies and prefer to use thick tube sheets made from SA 516 GR70 or 430A boiler plate and heavy walled SA179 seamless certified steel tubes welded to the tube sheets, and A106 scheduled pipe for the domed lids to suit the guide line requirements of the ASME VIII and SANS347, making our steam air heaters a robust fully welded assembly. These assemblies do not compromise on the heat transfertubes_sa_179


Other types of Airblast Heat Exchange manufactured by SA Heat Exchange :

  • Steam/air Heaters
  • Thermal Oil Air Heating
  • Gas Air Heating
  • Landfill Gas Cooling
  • Oil Cooling
  • Gas Cooling
  • Air Cooling
  • Water Cooling


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